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I’m currently open to full-time product, ux, and ui roles in the the following regions:

• San Francisco Bay Area
• Milan, Rome, Florence
•Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Nice
•Berlin, Amsterdam, Rotterdam


I was born one very warm evening in October, during the mid nineteen eighties, in Sacramento, California.

I’m obsessive about design, and creating the best possible solution in any given circumstance. I’m self taught (with the help of a few others), and I believe this is what propels me to continue learning and improving.

When I was 12, I learned to write HTML. At 13 it was guitar… then later, bass, drums, anything with strings, layout design, hair cutting, German (well… ein bisschen). Fast forward a few years, and I’m working as a bartender outside Sacramento. I had been taking on freelance work for some time, and was beginning to understand who I was in this realm, and what I was capable of. Frustrated with inconsistency and a lack of stability for my wife and daughter, I decide to risk rejection and failure, and found my first job as a designer.

I was 28 years old.

Since that time I've worked with some amazingly talented people and brands who have helped me to learn and grow. ...I've also worked with some huge jackasses. Unfortunately, the latter is inevitable, but it's taught me the value of humility, respect, and hard work. I believe in building up the people around me. I encourage my subordinates, and peers alike, to strengthen themselves and their skills, to respect themselves and expect the same from others, and to know their value.

I thrive on collaboration and communication, and do my best to build deep, meaningful connections with those whom I interface with. From the start of my career I have worked collaboratively on cross functional teams, filled gaps, lent a hand, and played 'musical hats'. I've had the honor of helping mentor and lead new talent, and firmly believe that it is both my responsibility and a joy to share what I've learned and absorb that which others have learned from them.

I'm interested in collaborative environments where I can continue to develop as a designer, and begin grow into a management role. I'm currently open to consider full time employment opportunities in Western Europe and North America.